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Getting Started

This is a short tutorial on using Zenreader. Follow the links for a more detailed guide (we suggest opening each link in a separate tab).

Install Zenreader

Create your first project

  • 1| Open the project creation wizard

    1. Go to the Homepage Screen
    2. Click "Create Project"
  • 2| Create a new empty project

    1. Choose "New Project"
    2. Enter a title
    3. Choose an empty folder on your computer as the project's folder
    4. Complete the project creation (or add documents for import before completing)
  • 3| Import PDF Documents into the project

    1. Follow instructions for opening the Project Import Wizard
    2. Add documents to your project

Visit the Project Workspace Page for more details on importing documents, managing citations and bibliography, managing projects.

Read, select and extract knowledge

  • 2| Open a PDF Document from the Project Workspace

    1. Go to the Project Workspace screen (make sure a project is opened)
    2. Select a Document from the table of documents
    3. Open the Inspector side-panel (on the right side of the screen)
    4. Click "Read Document" in the Document Information widget. Alternatively double click the document in step 2. above.
  • 3| Create a highlight marking

    1. Wait for the document to open
    2. Click and hold with the left mouse button on some text, until the text selection starts
    3. Once you are done, release the left mouse button and the Marking Creation panel will appear
    4. Choose one of the basic highlight colors to create the highlight
  • 4| Create a tag for markings

    1. Open the Tags panel
    2. Click + to add a new tag
    3. Type the tag name and accept
  • 5| Edit your marking, adding the tag, notes

    1. Click the comment icon to show the notes and comments box
    2. Click the tags icon to show the tags box

Visit Reader Worskpace Page for more details on tags, markings and using the Reader.

Organise and draft

  • 3| Add outline cards

    1. In the Ouline, type text as normal, to add content
    2. Pressing enter on the keyboard creates a new card
    3. Use the "Card Type" dropdown to change a normal text card into a heading and vice-versa
  • 4| Drag & Drop Markings

    1. Drag a marking from the "All Markings" sidebar into the outline

Visit the Outliner Workspace Page for more details about managing outlines and writing outlines.

Export your work

Visit the Export guide for instructions on exporting your work.

Cloud Synchronisation and multi-device access

We are working hard to make this feature available as soon as possible.

Team collaboration

We are working hard to make this feature available as soon as possible.

Suggestions and Improvements

We are looking to improve Zenreader with your valuable suggestions.