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Tasks Workspace

Zenreader comes with a rapid way to capture ideas, thoughts and tasks so that you don't get distracted, lose your flow or what is important to you.

Tasks Toolbar

From left to right:

  • Search Bar - Use this to filter tasks
  • List/Kanban View - Clicking this will switch between List View or Kanban Board view
  • Delete Completed - This will ask whether you wish to delete all the tasks that are marked as complete
  • New Tag - Use this to open the Create Tasks popup

Create Tasks

  • Task - This is where you type what the task is
  • Notes and Comments - Here you can add additional details and information
  • Due Date - Use the calendar widget and the helper buttons on the bottom to set a deadline for the task
  • Important - Mark a task as Important or Urgent!
  • Save - Clicking Save will create the task and close the window. Clicking Save + will create the task and clear the window so that you can create another task.

Task Quick Add

You can open the Create Tasks popup from anywhere in Zenreader. Just type Alt + t on the keyboard.