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Synchronise Zenreader Projects over Cloud

We are working very hard to build our own Cloud infrastructure to bring project sync and collaboration across multuple devices.

Below is a guide for achieving project synchronisation using Google Drive and Dropbox.

Warning: Possible Data Loss

Please be aware that if you don't follow this guide diligently, data may be lost in your projects.

Step 1: Install Cloud Provider Sync App

For Dropbox, install your Dropbox sync app on the computer.

For Google Drive, install Google Drive File Stream. This is the only version that allows you to synchronise projects that are in folders share to you or with colleagues.

Launch your cloud provider's app on your computer and ensure that it is properly synchronising with your cloud data.

Step 2: Create or Move a project to your Cloud Provider

Once your cloud provider app is running, you can now open Zenreader and create a new project. At the moment of creating a project, choose a different location to the default location which is your Documents folder on your machine.

Navigate to the local synchronised folder for google drive or Dropbox and choose to complete the project creation in that folder.

Step 3: Ensuring no data is lost

Data can be lost in the following conditions:

  1. You open the same synchronised project at the same time on two machines and make changes to the project data.
  2. You work offline on one machine. You make changes to the project on a second machine. Then expect the project to synchronise correctly when the first machine goes back online and uploads the changes on the project.

To avoid the issues above we recommend the following approach.

  1. Before opening the Zenreader project, check that your Cloud Sync App has synchronised any and all changes from the Cloud to your machine.
  2. Open the Zenreader project on one machine only, at a time.
  3. Make changes to the project (adding documents, tags, markings, etc)
  4. Close Zenreader when you are done.
  5. Check that your Cloud Sync App has finished uploading all changes
  6. Now you can go to the second machine.

Working with colleagues

To avoid data losses, we recommend that colleagues working on the same project shared over Cloud do so at separate times. Ie, ensure that only you are working on the project, following the guide on Step 3. When you are finished working, tell you colleague that they can now launch the project after you have closed it your end.